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''the most deserved massage in Bangalore'
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Who doesn't want to feel the sensation of an sensual body massage? You too, right? Well, we let you feel sensual pleasure and chill with your body at the same time. Do you know that touch on your ears can bring the juices out of your lower wonder? A gentle press on your tummy can make your most loved dark circles crave attention. Our trained female therapist are here to let you explore heaven gateways to your own body.

Thus, if you want to relieve yourself or enjoy some relaxation after a highly buzy day, then we have got that covered for you. Head out to Luxurious Sutra Massage parlour Bangalore to get acquainted with your own body, which will open new doors to your mind as well. Or you can book us on a rainy day when you are looking for companionship. Enjoy never before experienced massage in Bangalore.

Our Masseuses as Massage Republic Bangalore


We intend to please you to the core, and thus, our masseuses do the same for you.
If you want to experience the best form of physical therapy on earth, which will calm your mind and help you to let out all stress from your body, you should consider booking our happy ending massage services in Bangalore just as many successful men do.

We offer erotic physical therapy, which will help stimulate a person's libido in a positive aspect. People might be aware of the standard massages they will get in local massage parlors. Still, at Luxurious Sutraspa, you will get fascinating massages such as Thai massage and deep tissue massage, which help improve a person's mental and physical health.

Masseuses use their hands and body in the best way possible, with more focus on the erotic and sensitive body parts of yours. It will boost the mind to raise arousal erotically among the lovers. It does help you to improve your mood and release all the work stress you had before lying down. It enhances the foreplay ability of a person and stays longer with your loved ones at our body massage centers in Bangalore.

Our masseuse offer different types of cakes just for you.


”These magical massages not only relax you but uplift your mood at the same time.”

Sandwich Massage

sandwich massage in Bangalore

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage Bangalore

Sensual Massage

sensual body massage

Soapy Massage

soapy massage bangalore

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Russian Massage

Russian Massage

We are a top wellness spa that offers various massages in Bangalore, including Thai massage, tantra massage, etc. Our specialization lies in customization. Bring all your teenage fantasies or those secret desires; we promise to do it for you and much more.

Sandwich Massage

”The single most extravagant pleasure a man can experience”

Sandwich Massage

Are you a fan of sandwiches?. Well, have you ever loved the experience of being a sandwich? You will be amazed to know all the excitement that it comes with. Imagine someone caressing and teasing y....

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sandwich massage in Bangalore
What You Should Know Before Your First Erotic Massage

It's common knowledge among gay men that getting your first sensual same-sex massage or female to male massage in Bangalore is terrifying and exhilarating. Getting additional information may help ease first-time nerves before making a decision.

Exactly How Much Time Is Considered "Massage Time"?

The massage time begins when the appointment gets scheduled, not when the client arrives. If you're running late, expect your oil massage to be quick. If facilities are available, you may opt to wash or have a conversation before your appointment, but it is included within your time unless otherwise agreed. "Running over" is seldom a possibility when the masseur has another appointment following and needs time to be ready for it. When in doubt, ask!

Do you think you should be compensated for being late or for the small talk you make with your masseur while you are having a massage at home,Bangalore? Consider how you pay your therapist, your therapeutic masseur, or any other expert for their time. It's the same principle at work.

During A Massage, You May Anticipate The Following

It's acceptable to knock on the door of your masseur's house if you have their address. You don't have to phone or text when you're outdoors, but you may if you want to. Likely, your masseur has already begun setting up the massage room in anticipation of your arrival.

If you're having trouble finding the exact location, the masseur may come out to meet you outside the building or apartment to give you instructions if necessary.

The Value Of Money Cannot Be Overstated

Some massage therapists and organizations only accept cash, while others accept credit card payments as well. Keep money in your hand by double-checking the payment details ahead of time.

Those that demand fees or deposits at the time of bookings, such as masseurs or agencies, should be avoided. It's an excellent method to prevent time wasters but beware of fraudsters who may try to take advantage of you. We know that few locations require prepaid services, and we ensure that your money is in safe hands, and you will always get value for your hard-earned money.
Tipping is not required, although it is acceptable if the massage is excellent.

Check the below given Pointers On Proper Protocol And Etiquette

Everybody knows good manners are free, yet there are rules of etiquette for various situations in life. To get the most out of a sex massage in Bangalore, do the following:-
Don't be late. For those who arrive early, the masseur may not be fully prepared, while those who come later may get a message that is much less in duration than expected.
If you need to reschedule or cancel, do so in advance by calling. Any reputable masseuse or agency will acknowledge that life occurs. As soon as you find out, be sure to inform them. On the other hand, absences without explanation are seen as disrespectful and may result in your exclusion from future employment opportunities.
Arrive fresh and clean, or at the very least, fresh after a shower. When someone gets a massage, you'd be amazed at how much dead skin and grime comes off. Particularly in sensual massage, when there is a lot of personal contacts, this is critical.

Be Sure To Let The Masseuse Or Agency Know If You Can’t Arrive on Time

Be sure to let the masseur know if you want to let know any special conditions or information throughout the massage.
After the session at our body massage centers in Bangalore, be sure to provide feedback to your therapist or the company that referred you. Your feedback and positive comments may brighten someone's day and improve the overall experience.

So, What's Going To Happen Now

To begin your massage, you will be requested to remove your clothes and lay on a massage table. Once the oil or lotion gets applied to your body, male spa will begin. If you've selected a respectable masseur or agency, you can expect a full-body therapeutic massage to take place. It may vary depending on your choice of masseuse and massage. However, it might include:
Ask ahead of time whether it'll be complete or partial nudity, so there are no misunderstandings. He got touched by an erotic hand. He may use just his hands or arms, or use his whole body to do the human body therapeutic massage for you. When booking, be sure to inquire whether it's acceptable to touch the masseur. It is known as mutual touching. Whether or whether mutual touching is the masseur will determine a possibility.


If you'd want to experiment with other sensations, your masseur may provide you some feathers or a blindfold.

Massage with a lingam

It is a penis-focused kind of female to male body massage in Bangalore. Most erotic massages include massaging your penis, but you may request a lingam massage if you want the therapist to focus only on that area of your body.

Encouraging feedback is excellent, but what if you have no idea what is and isn't acceptable within the industry? An erotic massage session should include the following. The masseur is punctual, and the session lasts the agreed-upon amount of time; there are no shortcuts taken.

The pace of your life is relaxed. It's supposed to be a soothing experience, so enjoy it. It involves the usage of at least one of the towels that you get. For some people, nothing beats a lengthy, relaxing massage from their spouse. Try to give your spouse an erotic massage which is the ultimate form of foreplay. A massage may be as sexual as you want it to be by including touch, candlelight, and oil on your partner's skin.

Whether or not you want to include a happy ending or oiled-up sex in your message, or a nuru massage in Bangalore knowing how to provide a good massage has immeasurable interpersonal advantages. The client/masseuse connection is an ideal setting for role-playing if you're into the sexier aspects of massage.

Nuru massage


“Nuru massage Bangalore”

It is one of the most famous Japanese sensual experiences that will make you feel more refined and uncensored than you ever have before. This massage style is ancient, and it is considered one of the most intimate massages to date. You will experience eroticism as you've never experienced bef....

A Little Extra Love with Doorstep Massage, Bangalore

Everyone deserves to be loved. And who doesn't like pampering? If you feel unwanted or lonely and look to cuddle someone or speak your mind, then Luxurious Sutra Massage Bangalore is your answer.
We offer the best of pampering massages that are more than enough to uplift not only your most prized possessions but also your mind and soul. An intimate female massage therapist gives you the intensity of enjoyment wellness. We have adoringly set up a good place for your pleasure and extravagance.
We have the hottest female therapist here at Bangalore massage center where you can enjoy the most most intense experience. Erotic massage is a way to incorporate the sense of touch into a sensual activity that goes through your nerves. These mesmerizing finger movements will take you to a heavenly paradise and fulfill all your small and dirty desires. Of course, moans and red flushed cheeks are the takeaway gifts from our side. Here are some of the best techniques that our best masseuses provide in Tantric Sutra Massages Bangalore

Shiatsu Technique

This is one of the beginner massage techniques that involves gentle pressure throughout your body. Here a thumb is used to maintain a uniform pressure. It is one of the easy peasy massage techniques that takes a short time at home. It involves with or without oil.

Kneading Technique

It goes by the name itself. Kneading technique involves deep massage and pressure technique that helps in intense muscle relaxation. Here, the massage technique involves dealing with the entire day juggles and getting through it with intense flexibility and stretches. Hands are used in this technique to provide you profound massage benefits.

Compression Technique

This intense massage technique involves using palms to avoid a higher degree of compression. Here, the client lies flat on the surface and then uses the palms to enjoy a more profound sense of relaxation and enjoyment. This massage is beneficial for the lower and the upper back portions of your body.

Nuru Massage Technique

This is one of the highly-rated massage techniques that our clients deeply love. It is a deep contact-based massage technique that involves two naked bodies colliding with each other. You can try this massage technique to get relief from deep muscle relaxation and intense pain.

Genetila Massage Technique

This is massaging the private parts of your body. This technique involves deep stimulation and caressing your innermost parts to get maximum arousal and deep enjoyment. It is also a highly successful massage technique that can be a part of your foreplays. The primary focus here is on the erogenous zones like - chest, breast, nipples, and buttocks.

Press Pause Technique

This is the perfect arousal technique that works best for your women. You can use gentle playing throughout the genitals. It will awaken your private parts and make you highly aroused at the same time. It involves slow kneading with a firm touch and tight grasp.

Rhythm Technique

It involves the extensive use of a vibrator that stimulates and awakens your deepest tissues. This is one of the intense male to male massage in Bangalore that promises complete satisfaction and pleasure. Different layers of vibrations techniques are adopted to ensure that you enjoy the session thoroughly. This technique involves deep rhythms that help ease and releases tension and pressure from your muscles.

Perpetual Edging Scrotum

massage techniques involving women drawing maximum pleasure from the man organ. It requires light pinching and gentle massages to awaken your inner man. It is such a fun and slow massage technique that will give you immense relief and satisfaction.
Above given are some of the best massage techniques that guarantee stress relief, pain reduction, and gentle arousal. Book massage girl, Bangalore to experience a newer world and life altogether.

Sensual Massage

”sensual body massage”

This massage is a form of sensual and intimate adventure. Our magical massage providers at the luxurious massage spa Bangalorecan do it either alone or both of t....

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Sensual Massage in Bangalore
Types of masseuses at Secret Tantric

Every man desires to have a specific type of girl in his life, and it will be like a topping on a cake if a girl you want will massage you without anything on her body. Get masseuses for every hair type, and of course, these masseuses are hot and sexy.

College masseuses

Do you want to go back to the old college days? Well, we have college girls as working masseuses at Secret Tantric? These girls are young, beautiful, and bold. Their soft hands will submerge in your body for sure and drench you with liquid of pleasure.

Foreigner masseuses

Have you ever fantasized about a foreigner giving service to you? We have foreigners from different countries, and yes, they are slim and trim both? They are also well trained and speak other languages. These masseuses will communicate with you while receiving intimate massage to give the much-needed relief you deserve. You just need to search for a massage in Bangalore near me to experience awesome results. 

Virgin masseuses

Sometimes men are into pure souls with a pure body. At Secret Tantric, we have young virgin Girls who have received special massage training from the experts. These masseuses give intimate massages and are excellent at their work. The person receiving the massage will unlock his full body potentials at foreplay and healthy life because of intimate massage.

Role-play masseuses

Every masseuse of every category at Secret Tantric is well trained and highly desirable. They are a total pro in providing nude body massage center in Bangalore. While having a massage, you can explore the curves and edges of their perfect body. You can have customized massages in which you get to enjoy any massage of your choice. Every man has some fantasies and fetishes which he never managed to do or explore. At Secret Tantric, you can have these fantasies and fetishes in reality by the hottest and sexiest girls in the house.

Get Cozy Massage from Bangalore Erotic Spa by hot Massage Girls in Bangalore 

Do you want to feel the sensation? Your body will love their touch and intimate you at the same time. These all are making you excited. Well, you don't have to worry!! Our sizzling girls know how to relax you. Our massage providers are all geared up to take you to a new adventure and intimate ride.

You want some freshness and erotic in your lives. Our girls do magic, not only to satisfy your body but also your colorful dream. They will ease all your worries and tensions and will massage you to relax. Inside the spa, all you can hear is the sound of experts hands and erotic moans.

Bangalore Erotic Spa is both for males and females. We have well-trained massage therapist, who are trained in ayurvedic massage in Bangalore and they work on your body making you sink into your cozy zone. We are an award-winning massage provider that will make you say, 'Once is just not enough!'

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Soapy Massage

“soapy massage bangalore”

Soapy Massage

This massage is a form of highly sensual and intimate massage. The massage traces back its origin in Thailand. The duration of the soapy massag....

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Soapy Massage in Bangalore
Benefits of Erotic the Best Massage Spa Massage

The rapidly growing world makes people go through difficulty, anxiety, workload, instability in life, and cognitive health issues. The answer to all your worries is an intimate massage. It is something that can delight your mood to cloud nine, and it will soothe and pacify your body. The professional sensual massage intensifies senses of the body, gives pleasure, improves mood, and relaxes the body.

Luscious massage is different from casual massage. It is a sort of therapy, helps in sexual arousal and puts the mind and body at peace. This body massage service focuses on various senses of the body, whereas other massages such as Thai massage only help in relaxing the body. It does hit different senses of your body.
The benefits of erotic massage are not only limited up to arousing sexual desire, soothing, and hitting different senses of your body. There are various types of erotic massage such as striptease, Nuru (Japanese) massage, etc. Those who will experience it first advise them that one cannot stop himself from going to an erotic relaxing massage therapist and benefitting it.

Here are some benefits of erotic massage mentioned below:

1. Improve overall health:

Our masseuses know how to handle any type of body. That's how they make sure to give you the flexibility your body needs to perform in daily life. Your body will eventually get stretched enough to be flexible like it should be. You can increase your muscle and joint health while taking such erotic massage. Free your stiff muscles, which are waiting to be released by our beautiful masseuses.

2. Stress and Anxiety relief:

Men work hard to earn, and sometimes this hardworking man can get a lot of stress. Happy hormones like dopamine get released with the help of essential oils and elements and the intimacy between the lovers. And trust us, our masseuses knows how to get you out from the ever-rising tension in your head. You can check our body to body massage in Bangalore reviews to get complete details. 

3. Pronounced stretch and elasticity:

One can get joyful as well as surprised by knowing the fact that this female massage empowers muscle, increases flexibility, and helps in increasing closeness; if your wife or husband is not active, escorts erotic massage can make it better.

4. Turns aside and provides serenity:

In a world full of rush, the human race is in stress and anxiety-like never before. Stress impedes the partner's erotic massage therapy causes endorphins to get released in your body, which helps the body to relax. And indirectly, this improves intimacy.

5. Assists in rousing:

Erotic Hot massage assists in stirring up senses, enhances arousal. It opens all-new fun one never had before, and it can be enjoyed throughout one's life. It improves the functioning of the senses in the body and increases closeness with a partner. It can improve your relationships in more than one ways. 

6. Enhances relationship Bonds:

Our sensual massages help open up your mind and thus helps you to think freely. It helps to remove any barriers you have in your mind so that you can discuss with your partner freely. You and your partner both can book a couple of intimate massages or a threesome massage session where you can shed your inhibitions and open up to a new definition of relationship.

7. Enhances Immunity System:

Do you know that intimate massages can improve your immunity system. Well, scientifically, it has been proven that these massages help to release more white blood cells. These white blood cells are highly helpful in producing antibodies that help your body to fight germs. Thus, our suggestion is to choose body to body massage in MG Road Bangalore. 

8. Strengthens your Heart:

Do you know that a good bim bam boom session can help your heart beat faster. When you are regularly engaged in sexual activities, the estrogen, osteoporosis, and testosterone section increase, these hormones help keep your heart healthy in the long run.

9. Best Exercise:

Do you know that erotic massages are a form of exercise? And one of the best fat-burning exercises. We will tell you that, If you love to take it slow, you can enjoy a gentle stroke massage for 45 minutes. And do you know it can help you shed 70 calories? But, if you want to burn things up, then time for some wild chase. Thanks to our masseuses, a heated sensual massage with some innovative positions can burn as much as 120 calories in just 30 minutes. So, no more running on a treadmill; instead, starts running inside our massage parlors. What say???

10. Lowers the risk of cancer:

A study has proved that men with a higher rate of orgasms have a much lower risk of prostate cancer. And why not. Because you are giving one of the most loved and treasured organs thoroughly active, thus cancer risks will reduce. Get set to go with our intimate services and enjoy the new heights of orgasm with our most loved body to body massage in Whitefield Bangalore.

11. Helps in dealing with insomnia:

In case you are dealing with insomnia, these massages can be beneficial. Our sensual massages help release sleep hormones that help the better circulation of blood in the human body. It further helps in calming your senses and provides your body and mind the much-needed relaxation. General strokes help in the release of serotonin levels, which helps in a good night's sleep.

12. Enhanced Communication Level:

Our Sensual massages help open up your body, mind, and soul. With proper massage, you can experience a deep sense of satisfaction that will help in better communication. Intimate massages help release oxytocin that further helps in stress release and enhances your communication skills. Time to go for a full body massage in Bangalore. 
Sexual massages lately have proved to be one of the best techniques to juggle with the millennium problems. It helps in soothing and releasing stress from your body. These massages work on the erectile areas of your body like - nipples, pelvis, penis, vulva. So, what are you waiting? Our technically trained massage providers know which areas to work on your body. Our massages are customizable and will help you in getting what you need.

Beautiful girls ready to perform.

There’s no need to be lonely in Bangalore tonight


At Secret Tantric, you will find masseuses who are well trained and exactly how to give massage to you. These girls are beautiful with a proper glass-hour figure with a lovely skin complexion. Any man on the planet will fall in love with these girls, and these girls will give you a massage which will easily arouse you like never before. Sometimes a man has a fantasy to be with a girl they want in their life, and trust us; we have that girl as a masseuse at Secret Tantric. Get aroused with the erotic massage, which calms not only your mind but also your body as well.

From this hectic life, you need to get free, and our masseuses can do that. These girls will express themselves and explore every part of the body in a way you have not known before. These girls are ready to perform many things as part of the massage to calm and satisfy you with their service.

Intimate massages let you explore in unimagined ways. These masseuses know how to arouse erotically and sexually while playing with your body. This intimacy between you and the masseuses will be strong enough to relieve your mind from this world. You will not think of anything when our beautiful and slim-figured girls will perform for you because these girls know how to keep your attention constantly on them.

Why take sensual massage from these beautiful masseuses?

Firstly, they know what they are doing, and they love their work. These girls love to raise your rocket with lust in their eyes and bounce on their hips. Have you tried the lingam massage in Bangalore? It’s just mind-blowing. They give you erotic massages with total commitment to their profession. Masseuses at the Secret Tantric are highly trained and skilled at their job. These girls are not regular massage professionals; they give you intense satisfaction and relaxation with their erotic massage service. At Secret Tantric, we have blonde, brunette, ginger, and girls of every category you have ever fantasized. All these masseuses are stunning like angels, and their body is well maintained which no man cannot resist. The girls know which body part of a person is sensitive, and they work very well with those body parts. Service from these girls will open all the senses you never experienced.

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